Sunday, May 13, 2007


That's how many showed for today's 55 mile group ride... what a great day we had!

Mason has the best jersey of all time for getting motorist to slow down and pass way outside to the left hand lane! Now that's clever.... and it works.

Specialized bikes dominated the ride today.. even a new Raubiux showed up, I love that top tube curve.... very nice bike Dan!

Everyone had an awesome ride, well done gents!

Spent the rest of the day on yard work. Tonight is K-bobs on the grill followed by a good nights sleep followed by a good swim at 6:30 am to start the first Monday of the week


  1. Jeff - So, what is your favorite ka bobs make up. I can't spell recipe. Great looking group. Build it and they'll come - That's Iowan for Keep the faith.

  2. that jersey is a good idea. special made, or off the shelf?

    peace out, yo!

  3. Beef,chicken, onion, peppers, that kind of thing, normal K-bob stuff, nothing fancy..

    Blue, you can get one of the jerseys here