Friday, May 11, 2007

10 Mile Run

Thursday I headed out for a hilly 10 mile run here in town. Being in a valley with 300' climbs on both sides gives me many hills to choose from. There is a gravel road that heads out of town to a dead end, Sand Plant Rd, that has two big climbs that is a great place to run with awesome scenery of the river.

After my out and back on Sand Plant I met up with Dawndi for some run time in the park then headed home for a quick dip in the lake to cool.

Yesterday was the first time I've done 10 miles without feeling it all day. This is a good thing as I build up for the Jokers Wild Half Marathon in July.

Today is swim day, followed by a day off on Saturday. Sunday we have a 55 mile group ride planned, so far it's Tony, Jose and I.


  1. Jeff - Glad to hear the running is coming around. Now what about that swimming? Do you have anyone to help you with technique? Swimming is sooo techincal.

  2. Hey John,

    Swimming is going well, it's getting better and better each time I go out. I am re-thinking open water swimming in the lake. I have done some reading about how a cramp while out on the open water can end your life in just a matter of moments.

    The local pool opens on Memorial Day, so I think I will use the pool vs. the lake for now.

    Jose did watch me swim the other day and gave me a few tips...I seem to have a good start on technique from what he saw.