Saturday, November 18, 2006

Hunters Welcome

Good friend and major influence on my bike racing is in town from Iowa this weekend. We spent the day in the great outdoors Saturday hunting miles. on the Katy Trail. John had never been on the KT before, took him 60 years to get there.

Say Cheez John..

At the half way mark we found a nice diner in Marthasville just off the trail.

Today we are heading to Bubba #6. Speaking of Bubba... it made check it out here.


  1. it took john THAT long to get there? he isn't that old, is he? :)

    you guys behave yourselves. good luck at bubba!

    peace out, yo!

  2. Katy Trail....Mike Fox was riding that whole thing this week! Nuck'n Fut's!!!

    Didn't see him laying around ina pile of his own poo did you?