Sunday, June 03, 2012

Hellbender Crit

It's June which means it's time for Hellbender Omnium and the Stage Road race. This year Hellbender precedes the State race so yesterday Jose and I made the short drive to Rolla for stage 1 of 2.

What makes the Hellbender crit appealing to me is the low numbers. I'm not a crit guy, I don't like racing round and round with 75 to 100 people, just not my thing. Hellbender historically has not drawn big numbers so there was no worries. 13 ended up starting the race.

Plan for the day, no plan, just let things happen and get in a good effort. The results was a super fun race. 16 min in Rob (Kort Hammer), Allen (Gateway) and Trent (Big Shark) started to slip off the front as a result of the prime that had just taken place. They developed a gap worth my attention, I was in a good spot at the time, 2nd wheel in the group so I nailed it to bridge across to them. No one chased and I made it across.

Once there I noticed the teams represented where a good mix. Kort, Gateway and Big Shark. All three of these teams had team mates in the chase group. 4 total. That means these 4 would not attempt to chase down the break leaving the  5 remaining guys to get organized if they wanted to chase us down.

Eduardo Nieuwenhuyzen's Photo

The four of us got into a nice rhythm trading efforts as we increased out lead. Seemed like we figured out what sections of the course suited each person best for a turn at the front. Result; we stayed away, lapped the field with 6 or 8 laps to go. Finish sprint resulted in Rob first, Allen 2nd, Trent 3rd with me in 4th.

Today is the road race, I'm in 5th overall for the Omnium. Same plan for today.

98 days til cross starts!

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