Thursday, February 23, 2012

Motivated for 2012/ Race Schedule

After what seemed liked an extraordinarily long break from training I'm finally back at it and motivated for 2012. My fitness dropped down to 32 (blue line), much further than last year so it's taken some time to feel good again on the bike. 

Last  year I let it drop to 52. But I needed to complete some much needed house projects  which superseded time on the bike, and well worth it. Time will tell how this impacts my cross season.

I'm now into week two of base trying to get in as much bike time and strength work as I can. This years strength tool is the Rack System. I'm not trying to look like the guy on the web site, goal is to strengthen my core, back and stabilizer muscles. I've use it three times a week for three weeks now. Good tool, easy to use and hard.

2012 will be different for sure. Last year I did a lot of gravel riding. This year I'm not as motivated to hit the gravel roads for some reason, more road rides this time. I also had my sights on alot more MTB races. I go with what motivates me, gravel and MTB races not so much this time around. What is motivating are road races.

I've tried to find as many road races as I can, some will work, some won't, but I listed all that might.  The State RR is a target race; looking for the KOM and Masters State Jersey that day.

2012 Season

Pre CX Races
Froze Toes RR
Frozen Waffles RR
Lost Valley MTB
Hillsborough RR or Bone Bender
Joseph Sheehan RR
Cedar Cross Endurance Race
Brommelsiek MTB 
Hellbender RR
State RR
O'Fallon RR 
Topeka RR
Wildwood TT
Sunflower State Games RR
Show Me State Games MTB
Arma RR
Oterville RR


9/29 CO MO Awesome CX 

10/6 360 Cup Day 1
10/7 360 Cup Day 2
10/14 Bubba CX
10/21 Bubba CX
10/27 Boss CX 3
10/28 Boss CX 4

11/4 Bubba CX
11/18 Bubba CX
11/25 Bubba CX

12/1 Boss CX 5
12/ 2Boss CX 6
12/8 Jefferson City CX
12/9 MO State CX

199 til days cross starts!

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