Monday, December 05, 2011

Boss Cross 4 and Mo State Race Report

Boss cross series ended on Saturday, David Hedjuk had a the series wrapped up so I went with the Open race vs. 40+. Sunday was the State Championship, my goal after winning the 40+ jersey last year is a top three in the Open race going forward.

Saturday went well despite the rain, cold and mud. The conditions were not all that bad really, good clean thin mud is what I would call it. Had a blast in these conditions and felt great. Ended up 5th behind JP who rocked it and Josh took the win. Results

After the race on Saturday.

Sunday was different, the mud was thick, stuck to every part of the bike like clay.
Photo Jason Watkins
Jose, now Cat 4 State champ, was in the pit for me ready to give me a clean bike each lap, thanks Man!. Lots of guys had the same, I don't think I've been to a local race where a pit was so active.
Just before the start (Photo: Jason Watkins)
That photo was about as good as it got for me on Sunday. Bottom line I had a bad game. Coming off feeling like I had complete control over my bike on Saturday, I lost all that on Sunday.

It started with hitting a course pole on the first lap along with tangling up in course tape. By the time I got going again I was dead last. Then I enter the slick down hill section next to the BMX track and when down again. Made it to the pit for a new bike and  began to just stink it up around every corner. At this point motivation level went from 10 to 0. Rather than putting my equipment through what would have been a "just finish"  race with the likelihood of destroying a part or two I pulled out and called it a day. Results

So I'll try to shelve this race way back in the memory banks, re-group and focus on the final 6 weeks of the season that concludes with  Nationals and Masters Worlds. I'll re-visit the top 3 goal at State again next year in Jefferson City.

Next up final Bubba CX race of the season
More Jason Watkins Photos

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