Monday, October 31, 2011

Boss CX 3 BMX Style

Boss Cross 3 in KC on Sunday was a treat. Word came down from BC HQ that we would be racing at Raytown BMX park. I thought, cool, we might get to use some of the BMX track but was disappointed after reading no go on that one as there would be a BMX race there that day. Then come race day things changed and we did indeed get to use a section of the track!

Two races into the series David leads the way with 22 points, a win today would help in my quest for the General Lee Jersey.

Series totals after two races

Had a slow start after John Jones and I almost hooked bars putting me back about 5th wheel. Here you can see David, John, Kelly, Shea then me out side the frame on the first lap.
Notice the General Lee Jersey
Photo courtesy Mark Breeding
It did not take long before David hit it and was off the front. I moved my way up behind Shea and John then had to make a move to cover the gap David created. I was off  and the battle to catch was on.

The back section of the course was wide open, nothing very techical which suited David well. The BMX section was technical, which included a log jump on top of a dirt pile you either ran up or rode up with a hop to get over it, some cool off camber stuff leading into the BMX track followed by a high speed off camber sweeping turn before a short hill then back to the wide open fields on the back side.

Photo courtesy Mark Breeding
 I did well to cut into the lead David had through the BMX section but lost it on the back side. The gap settled in at 8 seconds where it remained to the end. Just did not have enough mustered to close those last few seconds crossing the line 2nd again in a fast well fought race. Shea kept the pressure on crossing 3rd and John had a nice race holding on to 4th. He soft pedaled the last few laps so he could  pamper his legs for the open race later that day :)  Full Results

One Boss Cross race left Dec 3rd with David at 33 points then me at 27. Anything can happen in the last race, as they say, it's never over till its over.

Next up are two weekends I've been looking forward to for some time. This coming weekend is the 360 Racing/ BLVD Brewing CO double header then it's off to Louisville for the USGP Derby Cup.

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