Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rest week, blow out ride and I Tunes

I'm sure there is a study somewhere on the effects of music and performance. For me, If I have some awesome tunes I know I ride harder and motivation is improved.

But I hate to pay for music and I don't like to steel it either, so what does one do? Pod casts are the way to go.

I subscribe to a number of house and techno pod casts that give me a new batch of downloads each week just before my weekend rides. Easily 8 to 10 hours of heart pounding music. Enlarge this photo and you can see what I downloaded this week. All this is free and free to download.

Equipped with a new set of tunes Jose and I headed for a heavy does of high intensity on the road for 65 miles Saturday.
There was little time for idol chit chat as blazed our way around the Hermann area.

In case you did not know, the famous dog Benji from the 70's is retired here in the Hermann area. Benji likes to chase me every time I ride by his house. You might think, the 70's? How old is he, well it does not matter, it's Benji and I'm sure he will live forever.

I was ready for you this time Benji, caught on camera!

The rest week is over, capped it off with a blow out ride as mentioned. Pleased the outcome as I hit top three power peaks for the year is every measured category with the exception of 3 min watts. And that's OK, not even attempting to hit 3 min efforts that high right now.

2011 Season PMC

Up next I continue with 5+ hours rides, this time on Sunday it's a long gravel ride from Hermann to Owensville and back - details here

Then my first race of the season March 27

Only 180 days til cross!!!

Peace love and beats!

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