Monday, March 07, 2011

One Last Base Block

Friday the weekend started off with a bang, that afternoon a freak hail storm pounded Hermann. Never have I seen that much hail come down, looked like it had snowed. Hermann smelled like cedar after it was all done with so many of the cedar trees getting hit.

The weekend also brought from Hong Kong the new Revolution Cycles team kits. Took out the kit, wind jacket and vest for a good 5 hour gravel ride. Lots of white on these new kits.
Heavy rains on Friday kept the creeks up. Nothing too high that I could not cross with one legged pedaling.

Base training is coming close to an end. One more good solid block then on to threshold improvement. Made a few changes from last year, mostly a slight increase in intensity from time to time and longer Sunday rides with specific wattage goals. Last year the long rides were in the 3 hour range, this year I've had several 4 hour rides and Sunday I hit 5 with plans to do more 5 plus hours rides during this last base block.
Now in my third year of training with power I'm beginning to understand how to build fitness (blue line) and how what I do during this time will impact my cross season for the better.
My strategy is to grow fitness 3 points a week then loose one point during the rest week. Also during the rest week it's important to return training stress (gray bars) to positive and drop fatigue (red line).
Target fitness is 100 by the beginning of Aug.

PMC Chart starting in Jan of last year to most current.

For now I enjoy the rest week and then one last hard base building training block.
186 days til cross!

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