Sunday, December 19, 2010

Inside vs outside

With lower than normal temps mixed with ice, what should be an easy to get outside previous week has turned into way to much time on the rollers stuck inside. Normally it takes a good movie or football game to watch to take my attention away from the sitting stationary for two hours. If I don't get that my mind starts to focus on wanting to end my roller ride. Once that happens the ride is doomed.

What I have found interesting are the demands and outcome of a roller ride vs an outside ride.
In this graph the roller ride is the solid yellow line compared to the dotted line being a real outside ride with the same intended ride type. You can certainlly see the lack of varitaion in a roller ride.

I find that being on the rollers my bike position is more weighted towards the back for some reason and it's harder to reach tempo level or higher wattage targets on the rollers than it is when outside.

O' well, I'm sure there will be more time on the rollers as winter has yet to even start but I'll take any day outside I can get.

Next up two CX races in KC Jan 2 and Jan 9 then the countdown to 2011 CX season begins.


  1. Let some air out of your tires for more resistance. It wont do much but you can feel a little difference.

  2. Jeff,
    I'll be in Kansas City for the New Years, and coming from Cedar Falls. What is the cross race on the 2nd?


  3. Carson - go here to view flyers.

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  5. At least you have a yellow line...can't seem to bring myself to ride a bike in the house and outside below 20 is the same.
    Hope to see ya on some gravel as soon as the warm fronts hit again.