Sunday, November 14, 2010

Flat Bubba CX #7

You can have everything dialed in, nutrition, training, sleep; all things controllable. But you can't control a flat.

Was feeling great Saturday up front with Josh, Dan, Scott and a few more I'm sure. Scott took the lead for what seemed like two full laps. Into the third lap Dan took over, Scott 2nd Me then Josh 4th wheel. We completed the upper field section then dove into the woods where Dan started to gap Scott just a hair. I've learned from the last few races that small gaps like this can be race changers so I swung wide to pass Scott and get in behind Dan for a ride through the trees.

All went well until that no so solid feeling in my rear wheel started. Full flat!

I picked up the bike and started to run, unfortunately the pit and my 2nd bike were a long way away. As I got to the back side of the course where Stu came up on me and asked If I wanted his wheel? What, really? Sure, I'll take it. What a class act to give up a wheel like that, thanks Stu!

We made the change and off I went into full TT mode for the rest of the race trying to pick up as many spots as I could. Caught and passed 4 guys to end the day in 14th.

Goal for the season is Bubba Cup and fortunately this misfortune did not disturb my standings. I actually moved up into a 3rd place tie with Jay.

Bubba Cup

Last night I tried to seal the puncture but there is a 1/8" tear in the tire, no go on the sealant. Will pull the thing off and put on a new tire this week.

Next up Bubba #8 Sunday, today, like in a few hours :) - I'll be running my power tap to get for the first time some power numbers in a cross race.

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    Wow, that had to be the most annoying video ever!