Monday, November 15, 2010

Bubba CX #8 DNF

Not much to report on yesterdays race. Woke up feeling good but the legs were heavy during warm up and never came around. The course had two big hills which is not good when you have heavy legs. I was not able to hold on to the lead group or the chace group and kept falling back; no power. I pulled the plug so not to totally destroy my legs so I could focus on a on this weeks training leading up to Mt Pleasant Winery Bubba CX#9

Sunday's race is like a home game for Revolution Cycles as it's so close to the shop I race for. I stunk it up there last year but know what to expect now, lots of hills with little recovery. Looking forward to it!

I fell to 4th in the Bubba Cup series. Scott Ogilivie has moved into the 3rd spot just 8 points ahead of me. With two races to go it will be a fun battle to see If I can regain third or if Scott will hold.
Bubba Cup


  1. Thats no good, Jeff. But, you cant have great races if you dont have bad ones....

    It took me exactly 1 1/2 races to need my pit bike. Smashed my front wheel into something hard and pinch flated. I will let you know after this saturdays race if my Dugast theory is right. tire is stretching right now.

  2. Way to hang in there on Sunday - nice PBR hand up too :)

  3. Agreed, your hand up was a thing of beauty.

    Jeff, can't wait for SUnday. Holy crap.