Monday, November 29, 2010

Bubba CX #10 Race Report

Sunday brought to a close the A Race Bubba Cup and the last Bubba race in STL for the season. I had one thing in mind for this race; capture 3rd place overall in the Bubba Cup. With Scott Ogilvie in the 3rd spot with a 4 point advantage I needed:
  1. 3rd place
  2. 4th place with Scott in 6th or lower
  3. 4th place with Scott in 5th we would tie.

With a challenging course featuring long straights, a few technical sections, wind and several mud puddles it was a test of fitness and strength.

Good start off the line with Scott and Dr. Mark leading the way. Soon after we started Mark moved over and Scott took control of the pace for a while then I took over for a bit.

Next the two man Hub/ Team Seagal team of Dan Miller and Devin Clark moved to the front to set the pace. With them charging and me holding on we quickly opened a sizable gap.

I eventually lost contact and soon after so did Devin from Dan. Dan would continue to extend his lead for win and the overall Bubba Cup title for 2010. Nice job Dan!

With the gap between Devin and I not that much I was able to close it. We raced around for a couple of laps, but Devin eventually pulled away for 2nd on the day.

I held my spot for 3rd and accomplished my Bubba Cup goal. Scott unfortunately had a bad day and did not finish the race, I think it was a bike issue.

Big thanks to all the Bubba Cross Crew for their efforts this year, great series for sure!

Remainder of the season look like this:

  1. 12/9 - State Championship (40+ and Men Open) (in KC)
  2. 12/12 - Washington Cross
  3. 12/19 - CXMAS
  4. 1/2 Epic Cross (in KC)
  5. 1/9 Grote Prijs Cross (in KC)

I want to go deeper into Jan this time to prep for next year, the cold and possible frozen conditions I need to gain more experience on. But for now the focus is on this coming Saturday, see you at State!


  1. Great season Jeff. Your training obviously worked. Good luck at state.

  2. YIPPEE!Congratulations Jeff!

  3. Jeff - great series of racing. High quality and consistent performances.
    Good luck with the rest of your X races.