Monday, October 11, 2010

Cross Out Cancer Race Report

Last trip out west to KC until state races in December. These races have been a blast over the past few weeks. Awesome competition and well run races, thanks to all the KC promoters for hosting these events.

Today's mission was to focus on the Men 2/3 race and win as I'm looking to earn an upgrade. I need 20 points in a 12 month period and had 13 coming in to the race, but with a win that would get me the automatic 2 wins upgrade.

Course was bumpy, dusty and had what seemed like 12 foot tall barriers, thought I was going to need an elevator to get over them :).

23 Men 2/3 racers lined up behind the Men 123 race.

I was in the front row with a good start about 5th going into the first turn.

Somewhere in lap 2 I took over the lead and held it to the end. Josh Taylor and Mathew Baugher along with Tige Lamb, a Men 123 racer, from Cow Town Racing chased the entire time. I grew the gap but never over more than 30 seconds is my best guess.
You can get some idea of how high the big barriers were.
Short Barrie's, some jumped them, some ran them as I did. I find that running them is faster. You can keep your speed, less risk of error and damage to the rear tire. I do like these new short barrier obstacles we now get to add to cross races.

Mission accomplished, earned the upgrade I wanted. The upgrade is important as my goals to race Masters Worlds come 2012 and 2013 this may be important to have. But that's a long way out....

So where are thing now that the first round of CX is over. Round 1 were KC races to start the season, round 2 Bubba Cross then round 3 State races in KC, Washington Cross, CXMAS and any other CX races that may pop up after Christmas to end the season.
Next up, the much anticipated Bubba Cross Series start Saturday night for a weekend of racing!

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  1. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Wow! That's some great racing. So impressed with the progress - it just keeps gettin better.