Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bad Math - Upgrade will have to wait

I figured the upgrade requirements wrong, 20 points in a 12 month period or two wins to upgrade form a cat 2 to 1.

Did not realize to get credit for the two wins the the field size has to be 40 or more and in your same cat or above.

From USA Cycling.org
Note that if the field contains mixed categories (i.e. cat 3-4), then the number of starters is the number of riders that are the same category or higher as the person requesting the upgrade (i.e. in a cat 3-4 combined field, all riders count for a 4 to 3 upgrade, but only the threes count for a 3 to 2 upgrade.) The placing is the rider's placing across the line. In a mixed category field, the riders in a higher category are not subtracted out (i.e. in a combined cat 3-4 race, if a category 4 rider is 6th across the line but is the 2nd cat 4, that rider gets 6th place points and not 2nd place points.)

Right now I 14 points in a 12 month period, 6 to go, the mission continues.

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  1. Your on a roll this year. It wont take long to get it. Nice job last weekend.