Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bubba Cross #1 (Series Kick off Race)

It was dark, hard to see in some spots, gravel turns, narrow lanes, and lots of dust to fill your lungs; but it did not matter in the end, Bubba CX has started and we are off for a 10 race series!
Got on the front row with a good start about 3rd wheel into the first turn. Soon Schottler, Josh and Jay had a gap on the front leaving me, Scott O, Dan Miller, Dr. Mark, Matt(?) from Mesa and two others in a large chase group.
Things changed quickly only two or three laps into a 8 lap race. Jay flatted near the pit, switched bikes and quickly joined the large chase group and Josh did some gymnastics on the back side of the course resulting in a rolled tire and was seen running to the pits. This left Schottler off the front alone with the rest of us chasing.
With 3 to go the chase group was down to Jay, Scott O, Dan M, Dr. Mark, Matt from Mesa and I. We approach the nasty gravel U-turn, Jay and Matt enter first and make it through, Dan slides out causing a full stop traffic jam. I get around but Scott and Dr. Mark do not. I chase back up to Jay and Matt as we get a gap on the rest big enough to last to the end.
With one to go I punch in down the long paved section just after the start line to avoid the crew from behind to catch us, Jay takes over at the barriers then attacks leaving me behind Matt. I get around Matt on the gravel section chasing Jay as he has a few seconds on me. I hold off Matt and get a few seconds back on Jay but not enough as we come to the long power speed section into the finish. We were flying to the finish, I had that bike going as fast as it could. I gained a few seconds on Jay but not enough as he crossed the line in 2nd, me 3rd and Matt 4th. Good job guys! And to Schottler too for his win.
We re-set and do it agian on Sunday.

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  1. Great start to the series, Jeff. You guys were flying. I know that because I was watching from the sidelines.