Monday, October 18, 2010

Bubba Cross #2

Photo courtesy of Dennis Fickinger
There is a model airplane filed at this park, look close you can see one in the background

Field of 27 lined up on Sunday for the 2nd of 10 races in the Bubba Cross series. Good start like yesterday and off we went.

Strong fast first two laps with about 10 guys in the lead group flying around this road race like cross course. Soon Josh, Devin, Dan M, Jay, Scott and I started to break away from the group.

Josh hit it hard as we entered the narrow bike bath leading to the hill, I could not match it. Josh, Devin, Jay and Dan made it clear with Scott in chase then I alone in no mans land sitting 6th.

The chase group not far behind was large, about 8 riders including Ron B, Paul Q, Bob A, Dr. Mark..... I crashed before the log allowing them to catch. Got up quick and attached to the back of the group.

We stayed like this for another lap then with 3 to go we enter the narrow bike path hill again. Get to the top in a good spot and begin to descend. I shifted into a lower gear ready to get on it after the sharp right hand turn at the bottom. The chain was not in place right because I shifted and did not pedal to set the chain in the new gear, so when I went to hammer the chain jumped and fell off. This threw me off balance, I was now hauling down the path on the top tube with my legs off the pedals trying to stay upright. I managed to keep it on two wheels, pull over, fix the chain and begin the chase. Now I'm in 19th place.

A bit pissed at this point at the circumstance I put my self into I set my mind for a hard 2.5 laps of chasing.

I soon caught and passed David and Drew, then Dan W, then Dr. Mark. Richard B and Karl S were the last two riders I had any chance of catching. In the last lap I passed Richard B on the back side of the course on the paved section then caught up to Karal as we approached the barrier before the finish. Karal hit the finish line before I did, I crossed the line in 13th place.

Despite the poor result the effort was good, neverl let up and stayed focused on making the best of it. My goal for the season is the Bubba Cup and the Big Shark points.

You never know, I may need those points near the end of the season, you can never give up.

After the weekend I sit 5th in both series competitions and gained 2 more upgrade points. Need 4 more.

Next up Antire Valley Park on Sunday for Bubba #3, weather man said today there might be rain this weekend.


  1. Live and learn, and keep on going. Good job despite the glitches.

  2. Great ride, Jeff. I think we almost hit head on... on the second lap over that bridge on the new back section with the old road. Sketchy.... Nice riding. Wish I could hang with you guys.

  3. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Have you considered the fact that this might work another way? I am wondering if anyone else has come across something
    like this in the past? Let me know your thoughts...