Friday, August 27, 2010

Looks like Bubba CX is getting a face lift

Looking around the Big Shark site I found some details regarding the 2010 Bubba Cross Season. All looked normal until I took a real look and found a few changes.

9/18 Pre Bubba Event- Team Rev CX Clinic- Co-Ed 9/18 Concordia Seminary
10/3 Pre-Bubbalogue- The Ronde von Evergreen Carbondale, IL
10/16 Bubba #1
10/17 Bubba #2 Dawn of the Bubba (Night Race)

10/24 Bubba #3
10/30 Buba #4 The Sprints of Darkness (Night Race)
10/31 Bubba #5
11/7 Bubba #6
11/13 Bubba #7- Bubba in the Seminary Concordia Seminary (NEW)
11/14 Bubba #8
11/21 Bubba #9- Mt. Pleasant Winery Bubba Augusta, Missouri
11/28 Bubba #10
12/4 Bubba #11 Missouri State Championships Kansas City, MO

Good news for womens cx
They have their own race and there are two categories. Good bet they will be happy not to have to race in the very large and sometimes crazy c race again.

Race start time changes:
A Race moves up an hour from 2pm to 1pm and is the 2nd race of the day, last year we were the second to last race of the day. I like the move, it gets me home sooner and there is still one group before us that grooms the course a bit. And the night races are moved up in time too. Last year the A race was at 10:30pm, this year 8pm, nice! 10:30pm is way past my bed time :)

Time Schedule for day races
Noon - Women A and B Race
1pm - A Race
2pm - B Race
3pm - C and SS Race
Time Schedule for Night races
7pm - Women A and B Race
8pm - A Race
9pm - B Race
10pm - C and SS Race

If last year was any indication of what this year will be like, you can expect Awesome!
The course designers and builders reached new levels last year with creative, fair, fun and fast courses. Sure Mt Pleasant was not really fair or fast and sometimes not so much fun (more pain then fun), but the environment was off the charts! You know what to expect now for that race.

I'm sure there will be course design surprises now that some of the rules have changed, look forward to what I'm guessing will be course designer/builders Matt and Matt have up their sleeve for this year.

The same great food and stuff will be there and the A Race Bubba Cup will be back for it's 2nd year.

I think St. Louis area cross is alive and well, it just keeps getting better year over year.

15 days til Pride CX!

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