Monday, August 30, 2010

Getting close

With Hermann Cross just a few weeks away the promotion side of things is in high gear.

Posters when up all over town this weekend. I want to catch the Labor Day weekend crowd as I try to attract local and out of town spectators to the event.

The "Shed" is ready to be unloaded. Banners are pre-loaded, sponsor towers created and much more.

Look for "short barriers" like I did at State. You'll be able to bunny hop them or run over them, you'll have to decide which way is faster for you.

Over the past few years I've acquired many 3'- 6" plactic stakes. The trash can storage thing was not working anymore as cans kept breaking and took up alot of room. A few weeks ago I buit this storage contraption for them to nest in until needed.

Weather has been awesome this past week, here are a few random ride shots.

Saturday team mate Mark and I head to Jeff City for the 6 Hour Tall Oak Challenge Duo event. Weather looks to be perfect. Then is Pride CX on 9/11, from there is CX every weekend til December!


  1. Are you really going to make it out to the first alton cross race? That would be awesome.

    9 freakin days!!!

  2. I'll be the Scott, can't wait!