Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hermann Hilly TT Test Run

MTB race cancelled today, no big deal, I liked being able to sleep in and stick close to home. Plus I've been wanting to do a test run for the Hermann Hilly TT coming up Aug 22nd. (FYI: Pre-Registration only) today was a good day for it.
Local Mesa rider Jose joined me and after a good warm up we were off. Jose had hit it hard yesterday so his game plan was to sit in.

On paper the course is perfect; 30 mile loop, all right hand turns and a closed start/finish area in a great location, the Hermann High School. The school is super clean, well taken care of and in near new condition.

The start is flat for just under a mile beofre it tilts up for the next 1.3 miles. Nothing too steep but if you take off hard on this hill you may pay for it later in the race. After that the rest of Hwy 19 is a smooth with really not that much of any noticeable elevation changes.

From Hwy 19 you turn right on to F. There has been alot of work done to the road this year, patch work mostly. It's a little bumpy after being on the smoothness of 19, but not bad. Elevation changes start to become more punchy as you approach Hwy J.

From Hwy F you turn right on to Hwy J. Hwy J could be a leg killer if you have gone out to hard. The road is super smooth and rolling. So much so that first few hills you can almost coast half way up with your momentum from the hill before. But that is short lived as some longer punchy hills start to come into view.

Still on Hwy J 23 miles in you get an awesome long down hill to rest up a bit before the final few miles. The down hill is followed by a small stretch of flatness as you approach Hwy 100. This intersection has a Yield sign, merging right onto super smooth Hwy 100 is a breeze, good line of sight for any traffic to you may encounter.

Here is where some meat and potatoes come in to play; saved the best for last. If you have paced your self right you'll feel it for sure but should have no issues. If you spiked your watts one too many times on the hills behind you, these will pack a punch and you may curse them. But keep in mind none of the hills are super Tour of Hermann crazy so anyone will be able to get up and over them.

The course finally lets up for a flat stretch back into town for one more right hand turn into the school where you can finally let up and relax.

Here is my GARMIN data from this ride.
Power Demands today.
You can see where the hills start to spike the power during the last half of the loop.


  1. Did you do this on a TT bike or road bike?

  2. Hi Ted,

    Did this on my cross bike with road tires.