Friday, July 02, 2010

Dirt Crit 1

Almost as anticipated as cross is the Thursday Night Dirt Crits. Ralph and his crew put on a great event and were rewarded with a huge turnout last night for the first of a 5 race series followed by a Sunday final in Aug.. The numbers visually looked strong, my guess 150 total riders.

Shaun and Christo, the two South African transplants, from Hermann loaded up with me for an early arrival. Good parking and pre-riding is always in order.

Nice sized field for the A race, 36!
Race gets started with an all out sprint to the first turn only a 100 yards away. I’m in a good spot as we approach and try to power slide around the corner, slid out and I go down. I get heckled with “Dang it Yielding, way to go” from many, get back on the bike and move on. This genius move cost me a chance to be with the lead group as Chris, Dan, John M, John R and Bob motor on. This is such a fast race it’s hard if not impossible to gain much ground when you make a mistake.

Soon I find myself with Tom A, Dan Mc and Scott O racing for 6th. We had a nice pace going and were flying around corners. Not sure how long into the race it was but I cut a corner really short and caught a branch. This threw me forward and down to the ground fast! I was on the tail end of our 4 man group so thankfully it did not impact them any. I got up quick, checked things over and off I went but those guys were gone.

I was in no man’s land for awhile then Drew came into view from the rear, he caught and kept going. Drew is riding well for sure and we’ve had our matches this year, I think we are now even 2 -2. Next chaser to catch me was Greg, I held his wheel for a lap then began to poop out so away he goes too.

Stu and Doug were next to chase closing the gap, a hard effort on the last lap kept them at bay to cross the line 11th.

That was one fun race from start to finish.

Power Analysis
Placing: 11th
Weight 138lbs (62kg)
Time: 0:49:96
Distance: 13.97 miles
Average Watts: 227w
Normalized Power: 236w
Max Power: 826w
Mean Max 5-secs: 671w
Mean Max 10-secs: 540w
Mean Max 20-secs: 408w
Mean Max 30-sec: 368w
Mean Max 1-mins: 323w
Mean Max 2-mins: 289w
Mean Max 5-mins: 251w
Mean Max 20-mins: 240w
Mean Max 30-mins: 233w
Kilojoules: 679kj
TSS: 63.4
IF: .874

These number don’t mean that much right now, the fun part will be to compare them to each other over the next 5 weeks.

Full List of Results

1 Chris Ploch DRJ 574
2 Daniel Miller Team Seagal 575
3 John Matthews DRJ 584
4 John Rines Big Shark/Pfoodman 595
5 Bob Arnold DRJ 571
6 Tom Albert DRJ 562
7 Dan McCarthy 599
8 Scott Ogilvie Dogfish 578
9 Drew Black Mesa Cycles 583
10 Greg Santknop Team Seagal 597
11 Jeff Yielding Revolution 565
12 Stu Robson Ghisallo 588
13 Douglas Davis Gateway 587
14 John Peiffer Ghisallo 579
15 Dan Young Big Shark/Pfoodman 566
16 Dave Neis Bike Surgeon 570
17 Todd Holtmann Ghisallo 568
18 Paul Krewet DRJ 585
19 Kevin Koch DRJ 569
20 Jeremie Meitz Big Shark/Pfoodman 564
21 Peat Henry Team Free Awesome 576
22 Scott Mortimer DRJ 572
23 Pete Goode
24 Craig Thrasher Big Shark/Pfoodman 596
25 Bob Crow Dogfish 563
26 Craig Hoeflinger 573
27 Matt Grothoff Team Seagal 567
28 James Nelson Big Shark/Pfoodman 591
29 Ryan Lemmon Mesa Cycles 589
30 Mark Hasler 582
31 Mark Bauer DRJ 586
32 Patrick Gribbon Ghisallo 593
33 Dave Smith Hub 594
DNF Ralph Pfremmer Big Shark/Pfoodman 598
DNF Rock Wamsley Hub 592
DNF Matt Struckman Big Shark/Pfoodman 561


  1. Sounds intense. Great job in such a large field. Need to get that rocket ron asap!

  2. My bike is in shambles. It should be together tomorrow morning, and if the weather is right, I might show up next thursday before heading out to Breck.