Saturday, May 15, 2010

Serious amounts of rain

I love a muddy cross race but I don't care for muddy XC race, I just suck at it. Unfortunately my skirt will get in the way for Sunday's Rhetts run. I know, HTFU.

So I'll join Jose in Rolla for the Hellbender road race instead. I can do road race and rain. Plus this will be good prep for next weekends 4 hour plus MTB event.

125 days till cross


  1. Jeff - I agree. There are enough challenges in XC without mud and slippery roots.
    What's the road race next week?
    We are heading down to the DES Moines for the Fair Grounds Crit tomorrow.

  2. I just pre-rode the course and I'm not doing the race either. It's ridable but I don't want to do it at race speeds. It's slick.

  3. John - Next weekend is a near 40 mile MTB race, not a race that is official, but a group of guys that have a passion for the sport and we'll see who can finish first. Good luck with your race Sunday!

    Mark, bummer that you drove all the way to COL for just pre-ride.