Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I have Bob Jenkins CXMAS Spoke Card

The guilt is killing me, sort of.

The one and only Bob Jenkins, who swears alot so don't go there if you don't like a few F-Bombs, must still have sleepless nights wondering what ever happened to his extremely coveted CXMAS Spoke Card. They just don't give these away to anyone you know. I was there and did not get one, they ran out, and I'm still a bit upset about it . But there is always next year. And we all know he earned this card.

Back to the card. I have it, I've had it for some time now. Yes I could live forever never telling anyone that I have it; then I would feel like I have one, but it would never really be mine. It would always have the Team Red Wheel sticker on it and from the looks of it, it has not been taken very good care of. I mean its dirty, scrapped up and one of the edges is coming apart. Who does that?

So you want proof I have it? Here is proof.

Don't believe it belongs to Bob? Who else would put a Team Red Wheel sticker on the back?

Still have doubts? This was the day and place it was lost.

One of the volunteers that day picked it up off the ground after it came loose on the downhill of the crit. Knowing the power of the card, much like the "ring", it's hard to believe the volunteer was able to part with it. A week later I received it in the mail.

I now am the keeping of the card. And have been for 25 glorious days. It's sits on my desk at home where I can look at any time I like, and occasionally I attach it to my wheel and take it for a spin. But no more, it must return to it's owner. But no so fast, you have to earn it.

So here is the deal.
Mr. Jenkins and a number of others who are on the "list" for Sundays endurance event, you know who you are, have a chance to own this one of a kind CXMAS Spoke Card for yourself, or you can earn it for Bob. Be the first person to the finish on Sunday and you have the power. You can keep it, or you can give it to Bob. Or Bob may just win this thing on his own.

For now I have the card and you don't. I will be working my ass off Sunday to keep it. See you Sunday!


  1. Aw shit!! It's on now! I thought it was gone forever.

  2. Well I, and everyone else for that matter, know that I will not be the one to earn Bob's card for him. I will, however, be there and am anxiously awaiting the awards ceremony to see who is victorious and perhaps generous. Holy crap this is gonna be FUN!!

  3. Jeffrey, Shame on you!! I personally gave Bob this spoke card, and I am not telling what he did to earn it then. I like your idea tho. I found a "lost" spoke card at last years cxmas, would you like to earn it??

  4. I'll have to wait till this years CXMAS to finally get my spoke card.

    Key is to get in line early.

  5. This is amazing. Jeff, you are a melon farming genius. Sunday will be amazing.

  6. I can't believe Bob might get that amazing spoke card back! Incredible! Unfortunately, there is no way I'll be the one to win it back for Bob. Still, this only adds to the awesomeness of this event. I just hope there are no dirty race poachers that show up.

  7. Jeff.. you are going down Sunday!! Eat shit!! My legs have been soaking in acid since wednesday for this. You have no idea!! Jk... cant wait for Sunday!!

  8. Beer had nothing to do with my last comment. I promise. It really is my B-day this weekend!! Done for.

  9. Scott - try to sober up by Sunday so you can stay on the trail :)

  10. I will do my best. Sorry for the cursing. It wasnt me...

  11. So long, my precious...though our time was short, it was filled with vim, vigor and many miles of inferiority to others.

    If only I had been 4 hours faster.