Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Fork

First timer for this trail and what a trail it is. Close to 15 riders showed up for this one all of whom were ready to get out and ride trails, shed those knee and arm warmers, winter boots and scull caps that we've been forced to wear this year.

This day was awesome; sun shine and perfect temps to spend nearly 4 hours under.

Lots of riders from all over but the DRJ guys set the lead pace so I hung out with them. I stayed in the rear to learn some tips and techniques from these seasoned riders. I did not walk away disappointed.

The new bike was awesome. I guess when your bike does not draw attention to its self during the ride allowing you to just focus on riding, then I guess you have a perfect bike, this one delivers!

As I was riding I kept thinking to my self, "I can't believe there is not a race on these trails"?? Then a day later this pops up, sweet! Post card goes in the mail today.


  1. Oh snap! It's never a bad race with Mr. Yielding is there!

    -Casey F. Ryback

  2. This is going to be so much fun, just hope it's on a Sunday???