Friday, January 08, 2010

Laying out Season Goals

2009 was my 5th year racing bikes and by far the best of all years. There have been some great races over the years but last season everything seemed to come together just right. Focus was more on the dirt side of things with several MTB races and cross was the main priority for the year. The cross season was simple awesome, best results I've had.

2010 the commitment to MTB and Cyclocross is 100%. Sold the road bike so there will be no crits or road races on the schedule this year. There will be at least one team Duathlon with Dawndi but I'll use my cross bike with skinny tires or see if Joe will let me barrow a TT bike for the day. And I may race my Herman Hilly TT event in Aug.

Power training and coaching will once again be in play. Best purchase of 2009 was the Power Tap; what an awesome tool. That and coach Donahue made a significant difference. I have my numbers from 09 as reference, goal will be to build on last year pushing myself to achieve higher peaks.

Team for 2010 will continue to be Revolution Cycles. Mark Gullet from Springfield, MO has joined the team too. Joe and his crew are great to work with as he has helped shape what bikes I will be racing on. New this year will be the MTB, Cannondale Scalpel 2 and new for cross will be the Fuji Cross Pro. The Ridley will now be a training and pit bike. I pick up the MTB today and Fuji next week; photos posted soon.

I've taken a nice break, enjoyed the holiday, gained a few pounds, caught a cold that lasted over a week, been on a few rides and now batteries are fully re-charged; serious training for this year starts Saturday.

Race schedule is clear, Midwest Fat Tire Series and United Federation of Dirt schedules are out. Like last year the time on the MTB I want to be competitive but it's more about working on bike handling which seems to be one of my top three weaknesses. I know there is allot of time I can gain in a cross race if I learn to carve a corner faster and stay off the breaks, it can be the difference between 5th and winning a race. I plan to race Expert this year and learn from the guys who are fast.

Main objective for 2010 will be the bubba cup standings, and MO State Cross Championship, goal is the top three for both. Bubba Cup races start with the Hermann Cross weekend , for a total of 11 races. And looks like the State race will be in Parkville, KS this year. It will be nice to not promote this year so I can just show up and race.

So there you have it, all you wanted to know about my season goals and more.

2010 Schedule as of today

3/14: Leadbelt XC
3/28: Lost Valley

4/3: Maxtrak Team Du

5/8: Greensfelder
5/16: Rhett's Run

6/6: Conquer Castlewood
6/12: MO St XC Champs
6/27: St Charles CO

7/1: Short Track Dirt Crit
7/8: Short Track Dirt Crit
7/11: OMBA Caramba
7/15: Short Track Dirt Crit
7/22: Short Track Dirt Crit
7/25: Show me St Games
7/29:Short Track Dirt Crit

8/1: Dirt Crit Final
8/8: Spanish Lake

9/4: Tall Oak 6 hour team
9/18: Hermann CX under the Lights
9/19: Hermann CX under the Sun

9/26: Diamond BlackFan (KS)

10/3: Boss Cross (KS)
10/10: Chris Cross (KS)
10/16: Bubba Cross 1
10/17: Bubba Cross 2
10/24: Bubba Cross 3
10/30: Bubba Cross 4
10/31: Bubba Cross 5

11/7: Bubba Cross 6
11/14: Bubba Cross 7
11/21: Bubba Cross 8
11/28: Bubba Cross 9

12/5: Mo St CX Champs
12/12: Washington CX
12/19: CXMAS


  1. Nice report - always good to keep up with you and your biking.

  2. Nice man, I think we'll be seeing a lot of eachother next season! We'll certainly be at the same races with similar goals