Friday, January 08, 2010

It has arrived

Comes in at 24 pounds - can't wait to get this outside. Thanks Joe and team at Revolution Cycles for making this bike happen! More photos here


  1. Wow. I really like C-dale and gave the scalpel a lot of thought myself. You made a good choice.

  2. Damn, Sweet bike.

    You signing up for DK 200 or what, homey?

  3. I cant ready chineese and I can't ride that far.

  4. Sweet ride! A full suspension only a pound more than my Caffeine 29er hardtail. I like the Racing Ralphs. What is DD designation stand for? must be something new.
    Now just pray you don't have as many rain outs as we did last year.
    I'm with you on enjoying offroad cycling.

  5. Hey Landon... DD = Double Defense.

    We are getting above 32 around here this week, will be great to see the gravel roads loose the snow and ice and get out for a good ride this weekend.

  6. Anonymous2:54 AM

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