Sunday, November 01, 2009

Muddy Bubba #4

Many have been hoping and praying that we would get a mud race soon. With what seems like a million inches of rain in October it's hard to believe all of them have not been a muddy mess.

For those with a desire to race in the mud, all was answered last night at CC Park near the lake for what was a flat muddy mess by the time the A race started. The turf which started as a field of grass and weeds quickly turned into a coat of mud slime.

I started 2nd line behind those in costume who earned front row status for their get up. Start was clean and off we went. To dark to really know who took the lead and how the first lap took shape but by lap two I was near the front with Josh, Nate, Alex, Jay, Dave B and Martin I think.

Fast forward a few laps and now it was Josh, Nate and Alex in the lead, with Dave B chasing and I alone in 5th with Jay and Martin close behind. Alex would have his issues with some corners, fall, I would pass him, he would catch and pass me, fall again, I would pass him again and again he would catch and pass. He got it back together and made the best of what might have been a DNF.

With 4 to go Jay catches me, we ride a few laps but he got the best of me pulling away taking over 5th. With one to go any remaining chasers were far behind so I took it easy crossing the line in 6th. That effort moved me up into 4th for the Bubba Cup

The mud was unreal. My rear derailleur was packed full of grass, mud and who knows what else. Honestly I can't believe it made it. Took a pair of scissors and about 30 min with the portable power washer get the drive train moving freely again. The power washer by the way is a must have.

Drove home getting in at 1:30am, threw my stuff in the washer, cleaned up and headed to bed. Now I'm going to see if I can't get the bike working again for toady's mud fest part two. Same place, same mud.


  1. Good job, Jeff. Sometimes just hanging in there is a real win. You are a winner.

  2. I have to get one of the portable pressure sprayers.... I have to clean everything this morning before the race...suck

    Nice job last night. It was tough.

  3. Thanks for letting me use your power washer! It saved me.