Monday, October 26, 2009

Bubba #3 Race Report

The difference for me between 3rd group and 2nd group today. More fun photos and captions from Mike here.

All in all a good day, despite the poor clip in at the start and a horrid display of technical skills on the “Dawson run up” (above) and downhill slalom course leading to the barriers.

With the poor clip in I think I was about 10th wheel going into the first turn. Over the next three laps I could not get the run up right, kept loosing time and eventually lost the lead group of 6; Mark M., Scott, Kurt, Mark N., Daniel M. and Elliot.

Looked back to see Dave Breslin working his way up to me, which he did, and we spent a few laps together before Daniel Miller who fell off the lead group joined. The three of us kept a nice pace keeping the gap between us and the lead group in sight.

With three to go we hit the “Dawson run up”, Dave put a foot down giving Daniel and I a gap. Knowing Dave is much stronger this would be the chance to get away so I pushed the pace as high as I could for the remainder of lap three and lap two. They don’t call him Super Dave for nothing, he worked his way back up catching Daniel and I as we started the last lap.

My legs were done by this point, I mean well done, I gave it all I had and the tank was empty, I could press no more so I watched Dave and Daniel pull away. Then I thought I could do a short recovery from here to the “Dawson run up” then try and hammer it one last time to catch back on but my legs said no way and rejected the attempt. Ended the day in 8th.

Did hold on to 6th in the Bubba Cup.

This week is recovery followed by Sat night Bubba and Sunday Bubba.

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  1. Good luck with the Bubba Race tomorrow. Hanging on to 6th.