Monday, November 16, 2009

Kansas State Cross Championships

Extremely disappointing day spent in Kansas Sunday. The rain that fell all the way there was no big deal, the mud that covered most of the course was no big deal, the slipping and sliding was no big deal either. But the bad luck that occurred just after my first lap was.

Coming off the grass into a right hand turn into a muddy sloppy mess the bike slid out from under me taking me down sliding on my right side a bit. Came to a rest, got up to continue to find my entire right shifter was filled with mud along with my right hand glove. I go to grab on and it was like a wet slimy bar of soap, I had no grip and could not hold on let alone try and break or shift. I took off my glove, tried to get more mud off but no luck, still slippery. I got back on the bike anyway to try to continue, no luck there, could not hold on to the bike. So I had to say goodbye to this race, walked the bike back to the car and proceeded to clean. I spent more time cleaning than I did racing.

Next up, the much anticipated Mt Pleasant Winery Bubba CX Race this Sunday.


  1. Bummer Jeff. You've been going good this season so i'm sure you'll rebound. i'm hoping to get back myself. caught a pretty serious case of H1N1 a couple days after the creve coeur race and am still fighting a lingering bronchitis. Hoping to get something back in time for the Hermann state race.

  2. Wondered where you were...

    The course in St Louis rocked!

  3. Anonymous9:05 AM

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  4. Bob Jenkins12:55 PM

    Shit happens, Jeff. You're still the man. We'll see you at Mt. Pleasant this weekend, it's gonna be ridiculous!!

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  6. I've been in Hermann once (your Under the Lights event) and looking to stay a night or two before the State race. Any recommendations on local B&Bs as I'm looking to make it a nice weekend for my wife and I.

    See you at Mt. P this weekend.


  7. John, email me and I will send you some options

  8. Anonymous10:49 PM

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