Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bubba on Sunday CX race report

  • Not sure how the legs would respond today
  • Took some extra time in warm up to get them feeling good
  • Lined up with about 25 to 30 A racers
  • Got the lead just past the start line and held that for just about the entire first lap
  • Josh, Nate, Martin and Alex pass by
  • Dan, Kurt and I form 2nd group
  • Kurt falls off then shortly after so does Dan putting me in 5th alone
  • Stayed this way for several laps with lead group pulling away while holding off chase group which now had Mark N, Paul Q, Dan and Kurt.
  • With three to-go I was starting to feel it and began to slow on the power sections
  • I pulled up a bit to join the chase group as they were closing, settle in behind, now 9th
  • With one to-go Paul about wipes it after the barriers then a few corners later falls off. Now 8th
  • With a few corners to-go Mark falls off just before the mud hole, now in 7th
  • Kurt, Dan and I all together for the last few turns before the paved uphill before the finish.
  • We all peg it, I could not get passed Kurt or Dan. Came home in 7th, Dan took the field sprint.
  • Two 7th places for the weekend, just one spot away from a Bubba point.
  • All goals accomplished this week.

Thanks to all that put on the weekend of racing, much appreciated.


  1. Jeff, you killed it. Your training has clearly payed off. I finished 20th both days which for me was good and bad. Wasnt a good result but I also wasnt last so.....

    Nice riding....

  2. Nice ride today jeff. we had a good rhythm going in the chase. that flail in the barriers left me feeling like my right ball was in my throat the rest of the day...not a good feeling.

  3. Scott, way to hang in there, weekend was tough for sure.

    Paul - I was impressed you stayed upright, heal fast.

    See you all at JB on Sunday