Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bubba Night Race Report

photo by Pate

  • Faust Park has been good to me the past two years
  • Last year best finish as a B racer: 2nd
  • Tonight, best finish as an A racer: 7th
  • Great race from start to finish with the exception of barrier section
  • Good start, top 5 into first turn
  • Lost lead group when I could not clip in after the barrier section
  • Was pushed back to 11th during lap two
  • Worked up to Mark Nagy, Martin Lange and a couple others
  • Was the three of us with two laps to go
  • Martin slipped out and crashed on the first corner starting last lap
  • I sucked again on the barrier hill section, lost the wheel of Mark and that was it, cross the line in 7th.
  • Very pleased with tonight's race

Back at it again Sunday.


  1. Good job, Jeff. Did any of your local riders join the new team with you?

  2. John, soon I'm sure they will, many of them are done for the year so it will not be till 2010 before the kit up in a new Rev-Cycles uni