Wednesday, August 05, 2009

MO State Crit

State crit on Sunday was a good one. Up first was the masters 30/35+ race. Good hard race with team mate Mark Nagy breaking away with a few others. He ended up the winner! Ended up playing the role of team member doing what I could to help Mark stay away. Lots of good efforts during the race produced some good power numbers.

Sunday was the end of a 5 week high intensity block, legs did not have enough in the tank to finish the 2nd race of the day in the Cat 3 race. Up next, 6 days off the bike for a good long rest followed by Spanish lake MTB race on Sunday.

Cross is O' so close!

Good to spend the day with Dawndi. AKA Dawndi Cam.


  1. CX is soooo close & I have my eyes set on my I come.

  2. Nothing like team work - when it works it doesn't matter who wins - it is all good.

  3. Way to race and is Jingle Cross on your X schedule?


  4. Hey Kat, No JC this year, just not in the cards. Good luck with LV100, looks like you've been training hard for it.

  5. jeff, where did you get those pics from? by the way, sorry to hear about spanich days like that absolutely suck.

  6. Rich, Dawndi took those photos.

    Good luck in Indy! Hope to see your at Otterville RR