Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hermann Cross 2009

This year there will be 3 cyclocross races in Hermann, MO. A few things to point out so all are aware. All three events are registration on line, but you pay at event site the day of the race. This way I get an idea of head count and you are not locked in financially if something comes up and you can't make it. I do ask that if you can't make it to email me so I can update the roster. You can register on site, but do so on line if you plan to race.

Races are staged in order of registration, priority call ups for Under the Lights and State race.Bearcat Cross and Under the lights race have beginner men and women categories. These categories are for 1st timers and others that have been thinking about giving this awesome sport a try. Ride what ever bike you have, MTB, hybrid, unicycle... just give it a try.

Single Speed category at all three races. I tried to set up the schedule of events so that those SS racers could race SS and their category if desired.

Bearcat Cross and 5K Run on September 13 (Sunday)
Registration now open

Hermann Cross Under the Lights on September 19 (Saturday)
Registration opens June 15 @5am

Missouri State Cyclocross Championships December 6 (Sunday)
Registration opens September 7 @ 5am
Bubba Cross Series race


  1. Jeff - nice schedule of X events. I see we don't have anything scheduled for the week end of the X under the light - I'll see if we can get some of the team to make a road trip.

  2. Hermann would love to see some Bike Tech kits in town, hope you guys/gals can make it! Would be great to see you al again.