Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ultramax Duathlon Race Report

Saturday Dawndi and I competed in our seconds team duathlon. Last year we did the Route 66 race in Rolla, had a great time so we looked into this year for another couple races.

Mark and his crew at Ultra Max always put on a nice event, with near 400 participants it was a big day of racing.

Dawndi was training all year for this event but unfortunately got sick three weeks before race day. Sickness came on at the wrong time, kept her from getting those high end workouts in to help maximize her speed. Due to that she was a bit nervous how she would perform. You can't tell from this photo but she was.

Dawndi hit up the 1st leg, 2.5 miles run feeling good coming in to the transition area at 22:51 putting us in third out of 5 teams after the first run. The first two team were super fast coming in at 15:05 and 18:22. Goal for us was to hit the first run at 24 min our better. Coming in at 22:51 was awesome.

I headed off on the bike for the two lap 16 mile TT. Pulled out the skin sute for this one :). I had a good bike leg, put the hammer down from start to finish averaging 22.7 mph. I ended up with the 3rd best bike time on the day at 38:44. Bike stats

Hit the transition area where Dawndi was waiting for me, we switched out the timing chip and off she went for the 3rd and final leg, another 2.5 miles run. Dawndi did an awesome job again of keeping a solid pace only loosing 20 seconds from her first run for a time of 23:08 . Total time for event 1:27:04, good enough for 3rd place Team and 45 out of 162 overall.

It's always fun to get out and do these events together, I'm fortunate to have a wife who will join me in my passion for racing.


  1. To share your passion with your partner, very nice indeed. Good job in the race.
    Have a wonderful holiday.

  2. Very cool to compete with your wife, not against her. Sounds awesome and very happy for you guys. See you this weekend.

  3. Congratulations on a fine finish. Partners indeed - what a fun way to share it all. Well done.

  4. Thank guys, we sure had a good time.

    Boz - can't wait to see that awesome TT bike in person

    John and Kat - looks like several riders from Iowa are coming in for the Tour of Hermann.