Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tour of Hermann this weekend

As of yesterday I was officially in race mode for this weekends events. After pre registration only ended last night, total count for the weekend look like this.

There are 270 unique athletes on Saturday
Three are 265 unique athletes on Sunday
There are about 360 total unique athletes for the event

211 racing the TT
231 racing the crit
265 racing the road race

There will be a surprise for the athletes at the start line for the TT..... should be very cool if I pull it off right.

Today and Friday is all about getting the course ready, marked, cleaned and prepped. Hermann is ready and the welcome mat has been rolled out!

Check out for daily updates from local web news feed. Hermann Muenster is a net based news page all about Hermann. Jeff Noedel does a great job covering local events and news.

Results and photos will be up as fast as I can get them posted.


  1. Good luck with your event - I hope the weather holds up.
    Great job of marketing. That's a lot of racers

  2. A start house for the TT?

  3. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Good job Jeff, you put on a great event.

    Matt Pence

  4. Jeff, your race was awesome!!! Everyone in Hermann owes you a big "thank you" for the increased business and the delightful attendees. You always bring a special class to racing. Thanks and PLEASE keep up the good work!