Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Group Ride

Tuesday was the first of many small group rides for the local Hermann crew. When I first moved here it was just Jose and I, now we have Shaun, Danny, Dennis and Louis joining in on the fun.

Yesterday we got things started with a quick trip around the Tour of Hermann crit course.

After than Jose had to take off to teach a spin class that will last a few more weeks while Shaun, Dennis and I headed out on the open road.

New to the rides this year is Dennis, this guy is good! He got a new road bike for Christmas, and for the first time is hitting the roads. He's a light guy, he'll be quick up the hills. Plus he was a fast runner in high school, still holds the 1 mile time record in Hermann at 4:13!

We have some good strong guys here in Hermann, I can tell when we all start joining the ride it will be a competitive, fast eventful ride!

Anyway, good ride last night with lots of hills. I felt good overall well recovered from the weekends MTB ride. I can tell I have lost some fitness for sure, not able to climb as fast as I did this same time last year. That is to be expected with the training plan I'm on not calling for much in the intensity department right now. On the other side of things I think my base fitness is stronger than last year with all the gravel grinders this winter.

Weather is awesome, love the smell in the mornings from having the windows open at night.

Not much going on till Sunday... so until then have a good rest of the week

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  1. The Tuesday Night World Championships. Good to see a group forming.
    Baring it on.