Sunday, March 01, 2009

Cosmo Ride

Mr. and Mrs. Smith from Jeff City Team Red Wheel joined Shaun and I for a early ride out at Cosmo Park in Columbia. With 5 inches of snow south of us at Council Bluffs, where we and many others intended to spend the day riding, putting a damper on that idea, Cosmo seemed like a good alternative.

Trail was frozen firm at 8am and lasted that way for a good 3 hours of riding. Great to get out and ride some MTB trails, the gravel was great for the last 6 or so week, but man, it's almost time to race.

In other news, OZ Epic as cancelled due to this late snow storm and KC received alot too, no telling what will happen with Bone Bender. No snow in Hermann.

After the am ride we headed down town for a brew and lunch. - Good time!

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