Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fat Tire

Putting the stupid decision to race the 123 race last Sunday behind me it’s time to look forward. The first MTB race is O’ so close, just over a week to go before the Mid West Fat Tire Series gets under way. March will packed with 3 MWFTS races and possibly Bone Bender 3 hour race March 14. Focus will be on the series point races through the year working to place high in the Sport 30-39 division. Road races and crits will be used as filler races. Looks like I’ll be able to race 10 of the 14 point races between March and October.

To get things started I’m heading to Council Bluffs this Sunday with Shaun to meet up with several from Red Wheel Cycling out of Jeff City for a 3 to 4 hour day or riding. Never been out there before but I hear it’s sweet! Will be there at 8am by the boat dock if anyone want to join us. Some are meeting at 10am too. Eager to get out and ride the trails before Oz Epic next Sunday.


  1. Jeff - Nice. 3 hours of riding on trails!! Are you finding more trails for your mt bike?
    We had an outstanding roller race yesterday - lots of racers and some fast times.

  2. i like the way you are thinking this year