Sunday, January 25, 2009

Old Man Winter will always win

Blue put in best the other day when he said...

"This phenomenon of Global Warming that we are experiencing is truly kicking my ass"

Today old man winter kicked our ass for sure.

Danny, Shuan and I were the only ones that attempted the 16 degree ride. Shaun made it about an hour, did not have the legs and toes were frozen so he called it a day, ass number 1 kicked.

Danny and I, still riding with positive attitudes and ready to take on old man winter rode on. Then is started to snow covering everything. Nothing that made the gravel roads to bad, but sure did not help make things seem warm. My hands and feet started to feel the cold come on and never let up.

Two hours into the ride I could feel my ass being kicked and told Danny I had had enough. He obliged to my wishes and we both called it a day. Ass number 2 and 3 kicked!

Thanks to Dawndi for the ride home!


  1. Anonymous2:57 PM

    the key word is 'global', Jeff. Were you guys a little skimpily dressed - are there any cold weather lessons in there you'd like to pass on to us?


  2. Anonymous2:59 PM

    check out mugban's blog for winter sartorial splendor:

    rudy again

  3. The best I did was put the TT bikes in the work stands and break them down slightly for some parts upgrades. Haven't been on a bike for 17 days now. Good effort!

  4. That Dawndi is too good to you hosers. Kat has turned me on to the chemical hand and foot warmers - they can't be beat - especially in my new Perle Lobsters.
    It's cold,

  5. Had winter boots, chemical warmers in gloves and boots and layered well. I guess we are just wussies :)

    Sunday looks good!