Friday, October 03, 2008

Getting Better

Amazing how dependant we are on two arms and hands. This experience has been a lesson is how to use one arm for things you just don't think about like washing hair, flossing, doing dishes/ cooking ect.

Thankfully full range of motion and the use of both arms is coming back quick. Doc said I could discontinue the use of the the sling but to be cautions as things are still healing. I've had it on and off this week.

Training continues to move along well. Makes me curious as to if I'm getting a better work out on the trainer due to no coasting and very specific workouts vs. out-doors. Guess we'll see. Sunday is another race simulation, goal is to push harder then last week. Want to see some longer 190 heart rates. Regardless I would much rather be at the final Velo Crit.

On the 14th I go back for a follow up x-ray and check up, hope to get the OK to race on the 19th. With significant improvement daily I expect to be racing then.

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  1. Two arms and hands are a wonderful thing. You ought to see my one arm technique for washing arm pits - both of them. I'd describe it, but it is just too much information.
    Get Well,