Monday, October 27, 2008

Bubba Cross #2 Spanish Lake Race Report

Loui and Shaun joined me Sunday for Bubba Cross at Spanish lake. Good to see these guys come out a mix it up in the C race, both are new to cross.

Shaun Ready to Go!

Fields looked like they had strong numbers again this week. Here is a shot of the what looks to be 50 or so C racers.

Shaun sporting the new Dogfish cross kit.
One of the more creative sections of the course, was the "spiral". Designer Matt Dawson had us going in circles round and round to the center of the circle then back about. Fun little section. You can see here at the start of the C race everyone going in all kinds of directions. Looked cool in motion.
Loui pushing through the pain - good job!
Next up, the B race, 39 racers I believe to be the final count. I was able to get a good front row spot and had a great start.
The good start allowed me to take the lead. This shot is after one turn.
After about half a lap Matt Price, last weeks winner, came around me to take over 1st. This guy is 17 and a good strong rider. Plan was to stick on his wheel and see what happens.
After a bumpy start for team mate Dennis, he worked his way up to join Matt and I, it was now the three of us out in front.
After a few laps Matt started to pull away but Dennis pulled around me to make a good strong effort to pull it back. The catch only lasted a short time as Matt began to pull away again at about lap 4 or 5 of 8.
The last few laps saw Matt grow his gap little by little, I lost the wheel of Dennis putting me in 3rd with Hub guy a comfortable distance back in 4th.
The first time I looked at the lap cards was 3 to go. At this point I had no real chance to bridge back to Dennis so I went into maintain mode for the last 3 laps crossing the line in 3rd place.
Super fun race and very happy with the results. Last year at Spanish Lake I was 7th.
3rd place Sunday gives me 4 Bubba Points and 3 more upgrade points for a total of 6. Need ten to get an upgrade to CX Cat 2. Once I get the 10 points the plan is to start racing the A races.
Till next time!


  1. Hey Jeff, Sorry for not asking you how you did when we were talking... I'm not totally self centered, I was just a little distracted because I wanted to make sure I got a good spot for the hole shot. I got it :)

    Nice job!


  2. No worries Dave... did not even think tiwce about that... was too busy looking at your new bike, sweet!.

    When I left you and several others had a nice group in the front, how did it pan out?

  3. Great work out there Jeff!!!

  4. It went ok... I continued to waterfall but finished in 4th place... The legs are coming around though, and hopefully in a few weeks I can reduce the 1/2 a lap to Butthead down to less than that.

  5. Jeff - That was some great racing! So, you are going after Cat 2 this season. You'll do well, I know.