Sunday, August 03, 2008

08' Missouri State Crit Championships

Today has to go down as one of the best days I've had on a bike ever.

It was just Jose and I for this one, Danny on vacation and Shaun not up to par due to sickness kept those two at home.

Jose was first up in the cat 4 race. Good race for him overall coming in 13th.

I had plans to race the 30/35+ and the cat 3 race. They were back to back with the 30/35+ race first so the cat 3 race was up in the air due to the heat. I figured if the first race did not zap all my energy I would join the 3's.

Not a huge group for the 30/35+ race but enough to make a good competitive race. The first 11 laps I stayed in the back waiting for things unfold. There were a few break aways that were brought back then on the 10th lap the race was on. Two riders (don't know their names) CBC guy and a Gateway Cycling Club guy go for it and make a break. Soon after they get the gap I see my opportunity and go for the bridge. I got a great jump to quickly joined them.

We worked hard to successfully increase our gap for the next 7 laps. Somewhere in there the Gateway guy fell off leaving two of us. We began to loose ground, the pack was getting closer and closer so I decided to pull up and re-join the pack. The CBC guy stayed out for a few more laps but eventually was caught too.

With four laps to go three guys go off the front and quickly get a gap. The CBC guy goes next pulling away now caught between the pack and the three man break away. I take off after the CBC catching on with no one with me. We spent the next three laps bridging up to the three ahead making it a group of 5 into the last lap and no sign of the pack behind.

Now it was up to who would make the first move for the sprint to the line. My lack of patience got the best of me, I took off just before the final hill into the final turn. Bad move. Did not have enough in the tank to get a good gap that would stick, I was quicly passed by the 4 riders I was with. Crossed the line in 5th place overall and 3rd for the 35+ group taking home a bronze medal.

For those of you who have an eye for detail, the race number was recycled from two weeks ago.

Like I said before, this was one of, if not the best time I've had on a bike ever. Sure I've had a few good races, some I've even won, but this race was something to remember for a long time with break aways, chases and big efforts. That was a blast! Needless to say I was on empty and did not join the cat 3's for the next race.

Here is my Garmin data, race is lap 2

The life of a bike race promoter, these events can make a guy sleepy :) Thanks for a great event Mike and crew.


  1. jeff, awesome finsish. i saw you in the back of the back and missed your break while i was warming up. when i came back i saw you in the back and actually thought you fell off since you were with two other guys. imagine my surprise when i found out you were actually in the lead pack!!!! great job and way to play your cards!!!!

  2. Thanks Rich...

    How was your race?

  3. started out in bad shape. legs felt better halfway through the race and managed to pull off ninth.

  4. Jeff - Wow! There is nothing better than when it all comes together. Congratulations. Hang onto that conditioning for some outstanding X racing. Is there a chance that you can join us for Jingle Cross this year. But, first, your big weekend of racing on Labor Day! How many of the races are you going to do? I wish that we didn't have so many events scheduled at that time - I'm sure we could have some great times.
    From the mountains
    John and Kat

  5. Thanks Carl..... crazy you are already selling your X fire.

    John/ Kat - thanks for the comments... Jingle Cross not in the plans this year, sorry. I'll be racing all 4 days at Gateway! Have a great race Saturday!