Sunday, March 30, 2008


Race started out OK feeling good and well within myself. Stayed mid pack for most of the 1st lap then moved up to the front during the route through town. After the 1st lap things began to speed up with others attacking and the group responding. This is where my race started to take a turn south as I had my troubles recovering from the anaerobic efforts.

Once I started to feel that not so recovered feeling I began to fall off getting caught in the cross winds fighting to stay on. About half way into the 2nd lap I was off the back for good and my race was over. Picked up with a group of 10 or so that had dropped off the main field for the ride back into town. After the 2nd lap I called it a day and headed home.

Jose raced the 40+ race and flatted 12 miles into the race, no extra wheel in the truck so his day was over.

Next up Dogwood RR on Sunday, 53 miles of hills.


  1. tough break jeff, i heard it was a tough race. i'll see ya at dogwood. denny and myself will be there for sure.

  2. See you guys there, Denny says Matt will be there too...

  3. You did what you could and made the effort - going hard and putting it out there. On to the next race - throw it down.


  4. Jeff,

    The race at Dogwood is actually closer to 60 miles. I think it is 58 miles even though it is advertised as less than that. They just have not ever fixed the flyer.

  5. Anonymous7:14 PM

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