Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 has arrived

Happy New Year to all.....

Today I officially end what has been two weeks off the bike. I did ride two days while in OK over Christmas break, but you can hardly count that as riding as slow as I was going. Unfortunately I picked up a small cold last Thursday which is now just about gone.

I'm looking forward to this year. Focus will be different than the any other year I've raced in the past. My approach will be three phases
  1. Road races
  2. Crits
  3. Cyclocross

Road race phase will end with the State Championship, Crit phase will end with the Gateway Cup weekend and cross will end with St Championship/Nationals.

Other highlights will be the Tour of Hermann weekend and a return visit to Hermann for the State Cross Championships. And, from what I hear the Tour of Missouri will be coming back to Hermann possibly as a start city. Nothing official yet.

So today officially starts my training for 08. Rollers are set in place, have a membership at a local gym to help give my winter training some variety and I'm stocked up with movies and TV shows to watch while on the rollers.

To all you basement roller/trainer rats out there, enjoy the winter months. See you at froze toes.


  1. Jeff - Sounds like a plan. We sure do enjoy following your training, events and racing. Good luck in the with 2008 and roll on

  2. Hey Jeff-

    Just found your website and am already finding it very informative. I'm looking for additional info on the 2008 Froze Toes but cannot find any official announcement with details. Can you direct me somewhere?

    Happy Spinning!

  3. Confessor,

    I have a link on this page to last years flyer under 2008 race schedule. The race format should stay the same and date should be the same Sunday in Feb year as last. Check that out, should give you what you are looking for.


  4. Jeff-

    Thanks a ton - will check it out and mark my calendar.

    I too am hoping to get off the trainer and out on the road this weekend for some miles.

    Thanks again -


  5. Anonymous10:46 AM

    I have a friend in Minnesota who is interested in visiting Hermann at Tour of Mo time. I hope you will be having a race event (I participated last year). Have you posted any picture yet? I would like to send some to her if possible.

  6. Confessor - Feb 24th is the date for Froze Toes. MOBAR posted 2008 schedule today.

    Rob, some photos are here.
    Hope you are able to make it back

  7. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Thanks for the link. I plan to ride again this year. I have a trail run planned on the 19th of April or I would make the Tour of Hermann for one of the events. Sounds like fun.