Thursday, January 03, 2008

May be 8 degrees now...

...but wait till Sunday gets hear, almost 70!

Jose and new rider to the group, Shaun, will head out on our off road bikes for some Katy trail and gravel this Sunday. May get to wear shorts.

In other news, I'm the new owner of this frame.
I was lucky enough to win the Fuji bike frame contest was having for those that signed up for the Bubba Cross races on line last year. Should arrive next week.
I just ordered the Ridley Crosswind frame, so more than likely I'll keep the Ridley, sell the Fuji and use the money to help pay for the crosswind and buy some new parts or the Ridley build.


  1. Jeff - you winner you. Congratulations. What is the frame?

  2. Jeff - did you get a chance to enjoy the great weather. We had good riding both Sat and Sun.