Sunday, December 02, 2007

Last Bubba Race on STL for the year

Arrived at Unger Park early to pre-ride the course and watch some of the C race today. Weather was at best a strange series of events from the time I woke up to the time I left Unger.

  • Woke up to mid 60's, temps felt great.
  • Looked at the radar, small band of showers, with thunder, crossing the state
  • Rained a bit on the way from Hermann to Unger Park
  • C race started dry and clean
  • That band of showers I spoke of, it arrived mid way through the C/women race.
  • Wind started blowing, rain came down in buckets.
  • Everyone huddled under the shelter while the C racers/ women kept going
  • Course turned to mud in just minutes
  • Race was over, they were full of mud and happy about it
  • Up next B race
  • Slippery mess for two laps, chain fell off after my front tire washed out on one of the turns, chain fell through the chain guard. Had to fight like mad to get it loose and back on. By the time I was back up and running the field had passed me and well on their way.
  • Fighting the mud and elements I worked hard to catch who I could. Managed to catch 4 or 5.
  • During the race it rained on and off and the temps dropped from the 60's to the 40's in under an hour.
  • Cleaned up then sat in the truck getting warm for an hour while the A's raced.
  • Helped take down the course, loaded the truck full of supplies for this weekends Bubba Races in Hermann.

Fun race with all the mud, rain and temp changes, truly and cross like day.

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  1. Tuff guy race. Good report. I'm just so grateful that we had good weather for Jingle Cross and I hope you have even better conditions for your State X Race.

  2. I had more fun in the mud than I thought I would, actually got used to slipping around and enjoyed the mental challenge of finding the best traction . . . or just running in the slop.

    Looking forward to "Heroic Hermann: 64 step to glory!"

  3. Good job in the mud - true cross conditions - I'll take what we had last week-end.

    At least you are still outside - we've got ice for the foreseeable future.

    Have a great State Championship next week-end and an even better Nationals.


  4. Jeff - I hope the final preparations are going well for your State X Champs. It looks like you are in for some bad weather today. I know you have the planning done - I know the details well fall in place

  5. Snow on the ground, not even a half inch, but nothing that bad....