Friday, November 23, 2007

Made it to Iowa City

Arrived in town about 2:30, then headed over to the race site for a view of the course. Most of the snow they received here has melted, only the shaded areas show any signs snow fell.

Course is flat except one big hill (Mt. Krumpit they call it). We have to go up this twice each lap. The first time up is a switch back climb followed by a fast down hill. The second time up, picture below, is a run up followed by an off camber ride back down to the flats.

From atop the Mt. Krumpit

Staging area/ Start Line

Sand Pit. Made several passes through here, only made it through once without touching a foot down.

Spent most of my time on getting familiarize with Mt. Krumpit and the sand pit.



  1. Twice up the hill - Twice - they didn't tell us that You said twice?
    See you tomorrow and good luck in the races.

  2. Jeff, just got back and my whole family had a great time, thanks for mentioning the race on, your post and blog were what got my attention. Did you see Todd Wells in todays race (Sun), bunny hop the two logs at the bottom, then proceed to crank it up that huge run-up on Mt Krumpet, what 100+ ft?, 30 degrees I'd guess? Amazing and appreciated even more after it reduced me to a creaking trudge earlier in the day. I will definitely have to follow his races now.

    John, good to meet you in person. We felt very welcomed and comfortable in Iowa City. Bill H.

  3. Bill - my pleasure. Iowa City is the greatest.

  4. Ruh roh, we have more competition in the Fuji drawing, looks like Logan Von Bogelghen found out about it. Darn Belgians! Shhhhh, let's keep it quiet . . .

  5. Good to see you out there Bill... Todd has a good blog that gets updated once a week or so, google Todd Wells and you'll find it.