Monday, November 12, 2007

Bubba #5 Race Report

Another warm late fall day for Bubba #5. Hope this weather holds out till after December 15th.

I started the race in about 10th or 12th this time around, quickly settling in. Dan in typical fashion, took off never to be seen again till the end after he crossed the finish line in 1st, this kid is 15 and fast.

After a lap or so I saw Sven from the team and another guy Jon up ahead so I worked to join them. This put in 6th. After I caught on I hung out in back for a lap or so as Sven lead us around. I then moved to the front to set pace but moved up to hard, actually creating a small gap. Did not really intend to do that, mistake number 1, it did not help Sven at all and it put me in a zone I did not want to be in this early in the race. I slowed up a bit falling back Sven and Jon then lead us around for a lap. Up one of the hills I felt that not so recovered feeling as Sven and Jon moved around me. I dangled for a lap or so trying to hold on and recover but lost it.

With Sven and Jon lost, my attention was drawn to who was behind me. Mistake number two, I should have worked to make up the ground I lost from the two in front of me vs. who was behind. I held off the chase from the two behind me for a few laps but they caught and passed me pushing me back to 8th.

One last chaser behind me was James from Big Shark. We battled it out, me trying to keep the gap I had on him and him trying to close it for the last 4 laps or more. In the end I was able to hold him off ending the day in 8th.

Not a bad race. Felt good overall but did suffer a bit and made a few mistakes that I hope to not repeat.

Dawndi Cam was not feeling well this week and had to get caught up on some work at home Sunday, no video this week.

Results Here


  1. Thanks for the report Jeff, enjoy reading them each week. Not enough race reports on, not sure why. I'd like to hear an inside view of the A race as well, from some of the leaders. I watched some of the battle for first in the B. Dan W and another guy (Nick C?) were together much of the early laps, then all of a sudden Dan was about a quarter lap ahead. He must have put a big move on or Nick went down. Bill H. ps--I'm tired of riding in no mans land in the C so might try a B race at Queeny just for yucks.

  2. Good report, Jeff. There's always something to learn or at least some mistakes to make. Keeps the sport interesting.
    We went down to the Jingle Cross course Sat morning after the gravel race. It wasn't marked, but we could see some tire tracks and did the run up from both directions. It's going to be a good time.

  3. Bill, looks like you've had some good races in the C's, do give the B's race a try, you'll enjoy it. If anything, you get the benifit of the C's getting the course smoothed out a bit and they clear out any deer. :)

    John, that gravel race reminded me of the one you and I went to where it was cold and wet, had dirt everywhere and I thought I had lost my keys.... Hope to get in early enough on Friday to check out the course, will pick up my race packet that night too.

  4. Jeff - Go get em at bubba #6.