Sunday, June 03, 2007

This week

Last weeks training went well all things considered being on the road and all. One nice thing about running is that you can run anywhere when you are away from home, not so much with cycling.

Last week I focused on running intervals. The benefits for me other than getting the HR in the upper zones is working on the long stride, I don't get much of that while just running.

I have a heavy load planned this week with a swim on Monday, brick on Tuesday, Intervals on Wednesday, hilly run on Thursday, easy ride on Friday then it's off to Inssbrook for a training day. The folks that put on the Tri Harder race on June 23rd have worked it out so that all those registered can get in the the private community of Innsbrook where the race will be staged for some training Sunday. The course will be marked for the swim bike and run.... it will be great to see the place, test the course and get in a nice hard training day. I plan to spend about 3 to 4 hours out there.

Just a few more weeks before my first Triathlon......


  1. Jeff - welcome back - I hope things went well down home.
    What's a brick?
    With Memorial Weekend over - we are changing our focus to endurance. Lots of gravel.

  2. Hey John

    Brick is just a workout that includes more than two workout types like a run and bike back to back.

  3. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Bricks gooooooood!

    Jeff, if you get a chance look up a local 5k or 10k. Ride to the event, bust the run, then ride home. Great way to get a race pace brick in. Plus you can be "that guy" who rolled up on a bike, and rode back home with a metal.