Sunday, May 06, 2007

Washington Crit Race Report

I would like to tell you that today's race was a good one, full of adventure, strategy and mental games, but, that was not the case. Today was not my day, the legs just did not have what they needed to climb the hills with everyone else, felt a bit fatigued.

Here is a recap of my race.
  • 50 or so started
  • I stayed with the pack for the first lap and into the 2nd till the third hill
  • I dropped there from lack of power strength in the legs
  • I was bound and determined the finish not matter what..and I did
  • Ended up about 25th or so..

I leave you with some photos from the day..

Start of the Cat 4 race, Denise and Rich from the team are on the right.

Rich and Dennie up Oak St.

Jose raced the 4's race....

There will be lots of action shots from this guy later tonight on

Off to swim Monday moring.

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  1. Jeff - what do you think - this year is it OK to be in the middle of the pack? I think so. Thanks for the report and pictures.